Simjaehun Gwonsanim Family Practice, Oriental Medicine ER, Radiology

After 1961, Kyungpook National University College of Medicine, graduated seven years of Taegu Garden hospitals and surgeons after working, in 1968 bream for 16 years of family medicine specialists opened, and free the Korean-American medical care during the opening period was an inspiration to the local National Society, 1992 , the US Department of Justice to take office as mandatory prison director, was seonbongjang of private foreign informing Korea Jung Korean bestowed various medicine and for Insular prisoners while serving 11 years.

Since 2000, including the North, in Mexico, Yucatan, Dominica, Nicaragua, ah, Haiti, including the United States around the country for 15 years we continue to have played a variety of medical services and missions. In particular, despite the 80s Noguchi, and the recent Americas Korean federation to devote to Haiti Jesus Hospital to be operated in the “City Soleil” most poor areas of Haiti from 2016 to the Methodist church organized, and Western in one minute of the 20 staff the Department of oriental medicine through proper conditioning will pursue synergies in Haiti residents healing.

In addition, the domestic disadvantaged groups, including people with disabilities in Joseph lawmakers, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul material for a total of 30 to 2003 months 2014, foreign workers, constantly devoted to the medical service and and support for multicultural families, social justice and neighborly love himself was practicing. Now and living in South Florida, after graduating from the Oriental in 2007 to the Korean-American and a weak US senior hierarchy that live in the area giving and love to free medical care and acupuncture, difficult behavior of patients and care regardless of the distance to visit .

Contributing to society through the simjaehun Dr. medicine and Insular are KTX Magazine (August 2007), the monthly Shindonga (June 2008), KBS, MBC, SBS TV, etc. were introduced through a variety of broadcast media, especially in February 24 Sun has been awarded each year for medical services that part of the subject of honor at the awards target Juan School of Medicine, School of Medicine, Kyungpook National University chongdongchanghoe.


Church: South Florida Korean United Methodist Church
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