Richard Kim (Hong-Wan Kim)

My name is Hong-Wan Kim, (Richard Kim), and I worked 26 years as an allergy specialist in Delaware, and currently serve as an elder at Delaware Korean United Methodist Church. I set my foot in medical missions in 2006 at Dominican Republic through Missionary Jae Deok Jeon, and have continued serving as the medical coordinator for Jesus Medical Clinic in Cité Soleil after
meeting Missionary Kim Seung Don post the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Medical missions is the whole of my faith and the two missionaries, Pastor Jae Deok Jeon and Seung Don Kim missionary, are my mentors whom I would not leave out for my spiritual walk. The reason I have not been to many different locations unlike other medical missionaries was because my one little body is not capable enough to spread one fruit to many places. When I see missionary Seung Don Kim who gives his all to Cité Soleil with the harshest conditions, I believe that God has called me to commit my whole body and skills to this one person. Many other missionaries would agree with me that missionary Seung Don Kim’s ministry touches the hearts and challenges people in numerous ways that other ministries could not have. Although I have traveled to many places with worldly pleasures, Haiti

missions gives a spiritual richness that no other luxurious cruise or trip could give, despite the physical pains and fatigue. Washing smelly and dirt filled orphan, seeing the eyes of a mom bringing her two-year-old baby, wrapped in a blanket due to the hernia coming out of the sides, seeing a 16-year-old mom holding her two-year-old baby, and seeing the start of Jesus Medical Clinic as a person who knows the limitations of a short-term medical mission, I pray with anticipation for hands of the good and healing God.