Missionary Simon Kim (Kim, Seung-Don)

Kim, Seung-Don missionary
I have been going Jesus Medical Clinic in Haiti, a place very dangerous and poor, every year after the earthquake in 2010. It is a gathering of missionaries and medical staff who have received a calling to serve and build this small hospital, after seeing all the people suffering from disasters and diseases due to nonexistent health benefits at a place called Cité Soleil, a place in dire of medical help as well as spiritual uplifting, prayers, and the Lord’s love. If we can give free medicine and examinations to those in this city who cannot seek medical help because even earning five dollars a day is too difficult, and if through this, there can be a sharing of joy and healing that spreads the love of Jesus and His grace, how much closer would we be to God’s nation where we can beautifully share His vision and love? Our team gives all thanks and glory to God who has made it possible for us

to preach his love and gospel to the poor for His kingdom through Jesus Medical Clinic. Although the clinic is going through a beginning stage where it may seem unstable, with hope we earnestly pray together for wisdom while hoping for a near future that will have concrete and more extended proclamation of the gospel and loving service that will finish what God has planned to do. I hope that God will show his mercy and grace to those who have supported the building of this clinic with one united faith and even though it is inevitable to run into difficult circumstances, like Apostle Paul’s life and Apostle Peter’s earnest efforts, this clinic will glorify God.