Nam-joo Kim


I am Nam Joo Kim who is currently serving the Delaware Korean United Methodist Church.  I majored in Pharmacy and during my college and young adult years, I have experience serving in medical short-term missions in Dominican Republic, and couple years ago even went to Thailand with my husband for his Thailand and Southeast Asian missionary work training for
about three years to help train future missionaries, serve, and host spiritual retreats. I returned to the United States back in late 2014 and became involved in Jesus Medical Clinic. I am just obeying my calling to once again make use of my major from the same God who gave me a heart to put my career down several years ago. I earnestly pray that our small services at Jesus Medical Center will be like rapid fire where many souls will slowly but steadily meet Jesus Christ and receive spiritual and physical healing and restoration. And that through this that God’s nation will be able to stand firm in Haiti, waiting for the day to come.