Rev. Han-Seung Koh

I am Pastor Han-Seung Koh of the Korean United Methodist Church of Cherry Hill. I am serving as the General Affairs Council for Haiti Missions and an advisor to the Jesus Medical clinic. I am very thankful that a small branch of a medical ministry partnered with the Haiti missionary team has now grown to an open ministry with so many people involved. Jesus Medical Clinic is an
institution established in the Haitian mission center for those with low incomes at a place called Cité Soleil. 300,000 people live in poverty live in Cité Soleil, in a condition of life beyond the imagination with its unsanitary and harsh environments. Until now, there has been only one medical clinic but due to the extremely high prices of medications and examinations, many people do not receive the medical help that they need. This is where the hospital built in the name of Jesus can be described as a specific ministry for those in desperation to show the love of God. The God who created us not only cares about our spiritual health but also our physical health. I thank God for gifting our staff with medical skills to allow his grace to flow through our hands to those suffering from disease and pain.