Rev. Chul-Goo Lee

South Florida Korean United Methodist Church Korean UMC of South Florida
Wife, Heung Sook Lee
Eldest son, David Yein Lee
Second son, Yedo Lee
Youngest daughter, Grace Yejin Lee

Short-term mission experiences
Mexico- Roadside glasses and hair cuttery missions
Nicaragua- Pastoral school
Mi won Residents in Navajo – Building maintenance missions
Haiti – Seung Don Kim missionary dispatch, building Haiti Mission Center,
Ministry – seminaries, elementary school, orphanage, local church building, wells, wedding ministry, roadside ministry, health ministry

Vision regarding Jesus Medical Haiti
Jesus Medical Haiti missions is absolutely necessary for the souls of Cité Soleil area. In the reality where there is only one stable clinic in a dense, poor community with more than 300,000 people, that Jesus Medical Haiti will be a mission that will please God. It is an absolute fruit of the remarkable ministry that there is Haiti Medical Mission Team through this and that the medical center opened. As I see how quickly this mission started with such a skilled medical team, I am sure that the touch of God’s goodness is present with our team. Haiti Mission Team is proud to have a child of Haitian medical mission launched and will go keep moving forward by cooperating with the medical team.